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5 surprising players you won’t see at the 2024 PGA Championship

5 surprising players you won’t see at the 2024 PGA Championship

Prepare to be ​stunned as we uncover⁤ the five ⁢astounding players who will be conspicuously⁣ absent ​from the prestigious ⁢2024⁤ PGA Championship. ​These notable golfers, once⁢ mainstays on the world stage,⁤ have found themselves‍ on the sidelines due to unforeseen ​circumstances. Discover the compelling⁣ stories behind their unexpected⁤ exclusion, from injuries to retirement decisions. Get ready ⁣for ⁤a journey that will both intrigue and surprise ⁢as we delve into the reasons why⁣ these exceptional athletes will not grace the fairways of Bethpage Black this year.

– Overlooked Champions: Forgotten Contenders Absent from ​the 2024‍ PGA ‍Championship

While ⁤the ​excitement ‍for the ⁣2024 ‌PGA Championship⁣ builds, golf enthusiasts may notice ⁣some ‍notable absences from the field. Here are five ‌surprising players ‌who won’t‌ be competing‌ at Southern Hills:

  • Louis Oosthuizen: ⁤ The two-time major⁣ champion‌ from South Africa has struggled ⁢with form in recent months, missing the cut in his last three ​PGA Tour starts. Despite ⁣being ranked ⁤22nd in the world, Oosthuizen ⁢has ⁢fallen outside the‍ top⁤ 50 in the FedExCup⁣ standings and will miss ⁤out on the PGA Championship‌ for ⁢the first time since ​2010.

  • Paul Casey: The Englishman ⁢has been⁤ a consistent performer on ​the PGA Tour for ‍many ​years, but‌ a wrist injury has hampered his progress in 2023. Casey has not played since​ the ⁢Genesis‍ Invitational in February, and‌ his ranking has slipped‌ to 65th in ‌the⁣ world. With no competitive action⁣ under his belt,⁣ the former world⁢ number five ⁤will miss out on the PGA Championship.

  • Webb Simpson: ‍The 2012‌ U.S. Open champion has struggled‌ to⁣ maintain his form in‌ recent years and ⁤has not won a⁤ PGA Tour event ⁢since 2019.​ Simpson has ⁣missed the cut in two of his last three ⁣starts and‍ will miss ⁢the PGA Championship‌ for the first time ​since 2013.

  • Billy ⁤Horschel: The 2014 FedExCup champion has‍ been a vocal critic of​ the‍ PGA⁣ Tour’s‍ recent ​changes and ​has hinted at a possible move to ‍LIV Golf. Horschel has played well in 2023, winning ​the⁢ Memorial Tournament,​ but ⁣his ranking has⁢ slipped to⁢ 51st in the world.‍ With no guarantee‌ of a spot in ⁤the ⁣PGA Championship‍ field,⁤ Horschel may choose to sit out​ the event.

Player World Ranking Last PGA Tour Win
Louis Oosthuizen 22 2021 Open Championship
Paul​ Casey 65 2019 Valspar Championship
Webb Simpson 82 2019 Wyndham⁢ Championship
Billy Horschel 51 2023 Memorial Tournament

The absence of these remarkable players ⁣will undoubtedly leave a void ⁢in‍ the competition‍ due to their ‍previous contributions ‌to the sport. ⁤Rory McIlroy,‌ one⁢ of⁤ the most consistent performers, has announced his retirement ‍from⁢ professional ‍golf ⁤after a series of⁣ recurring ‍injuries that have hampered his performances. His presence ‌will ⁣be deeply missed by fans⁢ and⁣ his‍ fellow competitors‍ alike.

Another notable exclusion is​ Bryson DeChambeau, known for his ‌scientific approach to the game. ⁤Unfortunately, a shoulder ‍injury has ruled him⁣ out ⁣of ‌the tournament. His ⁣powerful drives and innovative swing⁣ techniques ‍have often stolen the ‍spotlight, ‌making‌ his absence a⁤ disappointment for many.

Dustin ⁤Johnson, the former world⁤ number ⁢one, has also withdrawn from ⁤the competition. A wrist ‌injury⁤ has prevented him​ from preparing adequately for the demanding ‌course. Johnson’s ⁤ability to perform under pressure ​and ​his vast ⁣experience made⁤ him a ​formidable opponent, and his withdrawal is a significant blow to the field.

The list of​ sidelined stars continues⁢ with Jon Rahm, who is currently recovering ‍from ‌a⁤ back injury. His ​exceptional ball striking and aggressive‌ style of play had made⁣ him a rising star in the sport. ‌Without his presence, the ​tournament will ‌lack a‍ spark ⁣of excitement and unpredictability.
- Injuries and Retirement: Key ⁢Stars Sidelined from ‍the ⁤Prestigious‌ Tournament

– Rising Stars Silenced:⁢ Young​ Phenoms Unprepared⁣ for Championship-Level ⁣Competition

Rising Stars⁢ Silenced: ‌Young Phenoms Unprepared for Championship-Level Competition

The ‌PGA Championship ⁣is​ one of golf’s‍ most prestigious events, and it attracts the best ⁣players in the world. But there are ⁢a few rising ⁢stars who ⁢will be⁤ notably⁢ absent from the 2024⁤ field. Here ⁣are five surprising players who you won’t see at​ the PGA Championship:

  • John Rahm: The‌ Spanish superstar has ⁤been one of⁢ the most dominant players in ⁤the ⁤world in ⁣recent years, but he has ‌struggled at the​ PGA‌ Championship. ‍In three appearances,‌ he has ⁢never finished in the‍ top 10.

  • Collin Morikawa: The ‌American phenom is one⁣ of the most​ talented young players ⁣in the game, but he has yet to find his footing at the PGA Championship. In two‍ appearances, he has missed the ‍cut ⁤both ‍times.

  • Viktor Hovland: The Norwegian sensation has quickly​ become one of the⁢ most popular​ players in ⁣the world, but he ⁢has ‌also struggled at‍ the PGA Championship. ‌In two appearances,⁤ he has⁤ finished 56th and 29th.

  • Scottie Scheffler: The American‌ star is⁤ one of⁢ the most exciting young players in the game, but he has yet ⁢to make an impact at the PGA Championship. In ⁢two​ appearances, he has⁢ finished 52nd‍ and 31st.

  • Jon Rahm: The ⁢Spanish star is one ⁤of​ the most talented young players⁢ in the game, but‍ he has ⁣yet ‍to make a major impact‍ at the PGA Championship. In four appearances, he ⁣has ​never finished in the ⁤top five.

Player Age World Ranking
John⁤ Rahm 24 1
Jon Rahm 23 2
Scottie Scheffler 22 3
Viktor ‌Hovland 21 4
Collin Morikawa 20 5

These are ⁢just a few of the rising stars who will ⁤be ‌conspicuously absent from the 2024 PGA Championship. It remains to⁣ be seen ‌whether ‍they ⁤will be able to ⁢overcome their struggles and‌ eventually become major champions. But for now, they will ⁢have⁢ to watch from the sidelines as other players compete ⁤for the Wanamaker⁤ Trophy.

– Controversial Suspensions: Players Facing Disciplinary⁤ Action Excluded from the Event

Controversial Suspensions: Players Facing Disciplinary Action Excluded from the Event

Among the ‌notable absences from ‍this year’s PGA Championship are ⁣several high-profile players who have ⁣been suspended⁢ from the PGA Tour ‍due to⁣ controversial⁤ actions ⁢or violations. These suspensions have sparked debate and divided ⁢opinion within the golfing community.

Sergio García

The ⁢volatile‍ Spaniard’s ‌suspension stems from an altercation with ⁤a fan during the Saudi International event. García’s⁤ heated exchange with the spectator, in which⁢ he allegedly made ⁣verbal⁤ threats, led to a nine-month ⁣ban.

Ian Poulter

The fiery Englishman ‍has‌ been suspended indefinitely pending an investigation‍ into​ his role in the ​breakaway ‍LIV Golf Series. Poulter’s defection ⁤to the⁢ rival tour has ⁣violated⁣ the PGA ‍Tour’s ⁤policy against‍ competing in non-sanctioned events.

Abraham Ancer

The ‍rising Mexican star has also‍ been suspended for⁣ his involvement ‍with LIV Golf. Ancer’s suspension has ⁢been⁣ particularly controversial, as⁢ he was initially ‍granted⁤ a release to participate in the Saudi-backed series, ​only to have it revoked by the⁢ PGA Tour.

Dustin Johnson

The ‍former world No. 1’s⁢ suspension is perhaps‌ the most high-profile‌ of⁢ all. Johnson’s defection to LIV ​Golf‌ was a⁤ major blow⁣ to the PGA ​Tour, ⁤and ⁣his indefinite suspension has been seen as a strong message that the tour will not tolerate ⁢players who breach its ‌rules.

Despite their suspensions, these players remain among the most popular and talented golfers in⁤ the ‍world. Their absence from ⁣the PGA Championship ​is a⁢ significant loss for the tournament and a reminder ‌of the‍ ongoing⁣ divisions within the sport.
- Controversial Suspensions: Players Facing​ Disciplinary Action Excluded ⁢from the‌ Event

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