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TaylorMade P770, P790 Aged Copper irons | First Look

TaylorMade P770, P790 Aged Copper irons | First Look

– ‌TaylorMade ​P770 and P790 Aged Copper​ Irons: A ‍Refined‌ Aesthetic⁣ with Uncompromising‍ Performance

- ​TaylorMade P770 and ‌P790‍ Aged Copper Irons: ⁢A Refined Aesthetic with Uncompromising Performance
**Forged Perfection with Aged‍ Copper Finish**

Crafted ⁣from premium forged steel, ⁤the P770 and P790 irons feature an exquisite aged copper⁢ finish that⁤ exudes a timeless elegance. This ⁣unique patina enhances the classic blade shapes, creating a visually stunning aesthetic that complements⁢ the high-performance ⁣design.

Advanced Technology,⁢ Unparalleled‍ Precision

The irons incorporate⁢ TaylorMade’s ‌innovative technologies⁢ to deliver unparalleled precision‍ and⁤ feel. The P770, with its tungsten-infused head, provides exceptional ⁣distance control⁤ and shot-shaping, while the ‍P790 combines ⁢a ‌hollow-body⁣ construction with a forged ⁤face for maximum forgiveness and‌ ball‌ speed.

Refined Aesthetics, ⁤Uncompromising‌ Performance

TaylorMade’s P770 and⁣ P790⁣ Aged Copper irons epitomize the perfect blend of refined aesthetics and uncompromising performance. These clubs ‍are designed for discerning golfers who demand both ⁣exceptional style and unwavering precision on ⁤the course.

– Advanced Technology‌ for Enhanced​ Feel and ‌Forgiveness

Using advanced⁢ technology, the TaylorMade ⁣P770 and P790 Aged Copper irons offer enhanced feel and‌ forgiveness.⁢ The P770 is designed​ for better⁤ players‍ seeking a⁤ compact, workable iron. At the same‍ time, the P790 is more forgiving with a larger ‍head ‍and stronger lofts.‍ Both irons feature ⁣forged 1025⁤ carbon steel construction for a soft, responsive feel.​ Additionally,⁤ they incorporate TaylorMade’s​ patented SpeedFoam technology, which reduces ⁤vibration and improves ball speed.

Feature P770 P790
Head​ Shape Compact, workable Larger, more ⁣forgiving
Construction Forged 1025 carbon steel Forged 1025 carbon⁣ steel
Technology SpeedFoam SpeedFoam

TaylorMade’s ⁤engineers ‍have also added Progressive ⁢Inverted⁤ Cone Technology (PICT) to the​ P770 and⁤ P790 ‌irons. PICT ​optimizes the ⁣face ⁢thickness and sweet spot across the set, resulting in ⁤exceptional distance and ⁤accuracy from every club.​ The P770 irons‍ feature a tour-inspired shape‌ with a ⁣thin⁣ topline ‌and ⁤minimal⁤ offset, while the‍ P790 irons have a slightly wider ⁣sole and⁢ a⁢ more‍ offset ​hosel⁣ for added forgiveness.

-‍ Optimized Sole Design for Versatility and⁢ Control

- ⁢Optimized ⁤Sole ⁢Design for Versatility ⁣and ‍Control

To complement the P-Series, the P770 and P790 will‌ be available⁢ in⁤ Aged Copper, giving golfers ‌another choice‍ to enjoy the pure feel and precision of these popular models

Both the P770‌ and P790 ⁣feature optimised⁢ sole ⁤designs, engineered to promote increased versatility⁤ and control ⁤for a diverse ⁣range of ⁣playing abilities and course conditions.

The P770 is a compact, high-performance iron has been⁤ designed with a⁤ narrow ‍sole, allowing for precise shot-making ‍from various⁤ lies including firmer ‍turf conditions.

On the other⁣ hand, the​ P790 ‌offers a wider sole which⁣ provides added forgiveness and​ launch capabilities from varying⁣ turf interactions.

With a subtle offset, the P770 is an excellent ​option for golfers who prioritize⁤ workability and shot-shaping capabilities,⁣ whereas⁤ the P790 ‌delivers ​enhanced ‌distance and playability,⁢ well-suited for both professionals and⁣ mid-handicap players.

Both models utilise TaylorMade’s⁣ patented ​Dual Speed Pocket technology, ​which can be located on the‌ reverse of the ⁢face and flexes at‍ impact to⁤ increase ball speed‍ and reduce⁢ spin

Club P770 P790
Sole Design Narrow, precise Wider, more forgiving
Loft Range 3-PW 4-PW
Shaft Options True‌ Temper Elevate 95 (S, R, A) KBS $-Taper ‍90

– Recommendations⁢ for ​Handicaps and Playing Styles

- Recommendations for Handicaps‌ and Playing Styles
**Recommendations for Handicaps and Playing Styles**

According to‌ the​ official ⁤TaylorMade ⁤website, ⁤as linked ‍in [1], The P770 is ‍suited for ‍mid-to-low⁣ handicap players looking for ⁣a combination‍ of workability and forgiveness in⁢ the ​same⁤ iron. If you desire ‍a‍ smaller club head and⁤ prefer irons with a crisp feel,​ then the P770 ⁢would ⁤fit your ‌style. Like⁤ its ‌counterpart, the P790, both irons ⁤are perfect ‌for​ players looking to gain distance, carry ​and green control.​ Be sure to check out ‍the specifications and technology ​of ⁤each iron​ to see ⁢which one fits your playing style the best.

P770 P790
Compact players⁤ iron Slightly larger ‍frame
Reduced offset (in the‌ long ​irons) + ‌slightly⁣ shorter blade length Forgiveness on ‍off-center hits
Designed for mid-to-low handicap⁤ players Optimized for a‌ wider ‍variety of golfers/playing styles

Ultimately, ‌the ⁤best way⁢ to determine which iron will work best is to test them​ out in-person. Practice your swing‍ with⁢ both irons⁢ and take note of⁣ the feel, distance and ⁢accuracy you experience with​ each.‌ It is ​the best way ‍to choose the ‍perfect​ upgrade for⁤ your golf⁢ game.

That wraps up our early‍ peek at the TaylorMade P770, P790 Aged Copper⁢ irons. These new irons offer a ​unique ⁤blend ‍of performance and ⁢style, and we can’t wait⁢ to ⁢see how‌ they‌ perform on‌ the course. Be ​sure⁢ to check⁢ back for our full review soon.

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