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2024 RBC Heritage Friday TV coverage: How to watch Round 2

2024 RBC Heritage Friday TV coverage: How to watch Round 2

* Coverage Details: ⁢Channels, Times, and Stream Availability

**Streaming Options**

Golf⁢ Channel ‌and‍ ESPN+ will provide streaming coverage of the second round of the 2024 ⁢RBC Heritage. ⁤Viewers⁤ can ‌access ‍the live stream on or the Golf Channel app,‍ as ‌well ⁣as through ⁤ESPN’s ‌streaming‍ service, ⁣ESPN+.

TV ⁤Channels and Times

The ⁢second round of the RBC Heritage will be broadcast live ⁤on Golf Channel ⁣and ESPN2.

Network Channel Times
Golf Channel 252 1:00 ⁣PM – 5:00 PM ‍ET
ESPN2 202 5:00 PM – 9:00 ⁣PM ET

Additional Coverage

In addition‌ to the live⁤ TV and streaming⁤ coverage, comprehensive coverage​ of​ the RBC Heritage will be available through the PGA TOUR website ⁣and ⁤mobile app.
*⁣ Coverage⁤ Details: Channels, Times, and Stream Availability

* Feature Groups: Notable ⁢Players and⁢ Memorable ⁣Moments

Featured Group Hole Tee Off
Group 1 1:35 P.M.
Webb Simpson Hudson Swafford Tommy ⁤Fleetwood
Group 2 1:46 ​P.M.
Tyrrell Hatton Brian Harman Alex Noren
Group 3 1:57 ‍P.M.
Viktor⁤ Hovland Jordan Spieth Justin Thomas

Webb Simpson, ⁣Hudson Swafford, Tommy Fleetwood

Webb⁢ Simpson is⁣ a former RBC ‍Heritage champion, having won the ​2022 event. He’s known for his⁢ consistent play and has​ been⁣ ranked in the top 10 ⁣in the world. Simpson may be ⁢looking to ⁢establish an early⁣ lead today. Hudson Swafford​ is another player ‍to watch in this group. ​He’s a two-time winner on the PGA Tour and is currently ranked ‌in the top 25 in the world. Swafford thrives on the weekends ‍and can’t⁢ be counted out from making a run. Tommy⁢ Fleetwood is a fan favorite and is ​always‌ a threat to ‍win. The‍ Englishman is a former Race​ to⁤ Dubai champion and ⁤has​ won five times on⁢ the European Tour.

Tyrrell Hatton, Brian Harman, Alex Noren

Tyrrell Hatton is one of the most exciting players to watch‌ on Tour. The ⁤Englishman is known for his aggressive style of play and his‍ fiery temper. Hatton ​has two PGA Tour wins to his credit and is always a⁢ threat to win. Brian Harman is a consistent⁣ player who ⁤has won four ​times on the PGA Tour. Like Simpson, Harman could set the tone for ⁢the rest of the tournament with ‌a solid round today. Alex Noren ⁣is a three-time winner on the European Tour and is hoping to make a name for himself on ⁢the PGA⁢ Tour.

Viktor Hovland, Jordan‍ Spieth,⁣ Justin Thomas

This​ is the marquee ⁢group ‍of the day. Viktor Hovland is‌ the reigning RBC Heritage champion and is one of the ‌best young players in‍ the world. He’s ⁤won ​three times on‍ the ‍PGA Tour ​and ‍is currently⁤ ranked in the top 10 in ⁢the world.⁤ Jordan​ Spieth is a three-time ⁢major champion, with 13 ​PGA‌ Tour victories to⁣ his credit, ⁣who will be competing in a tournament ⁤for the first time ​since ​the​ birth of ‍his child. Spieth is, once ⁤again, ⁤searching⁣ for his first win since 2021‍ at the RBC Heritage. ⁤Justin Thomas is⁢ one of the most popular players⁤ on⁢ Tour and has won 15 times⁤ on the ⁢PGA Tour.
* Feature Groups: Notable Players and Memorable Moments

* Expert Commentary: Insights and ⁤Analysis from Top Golf Professionals

Expert Commentary: Insights and Analysis from Top Golf Professionals

Renowned golf ​analysts⁤ will⁣ provide​ in-depth insights‌ and⁤ expert commentary throughout the RBC ​Heritage’s second round coverage ⁤on‍ Friday. These professionals will dissect ​the players’ ‍performances, analyze‌ course strategy, and⁤ share their observations from‍ the ⁤ground.

Top Golf ​Experts

  • Mark Rolfing: Veteran golf ⁢broadcaster with decades of experience covering major tournaments
  • Geoff Ogilvy: Former world number three and ​two-time​ RBC Heritage champion
  • Arron Oberholser: ​Long-time PGA‍ Tour caddie and current​ NBC Golf analyst
  • Frank ​Nobilo: 12-time ​PGA​ Tour⁤ winner‌ and ⁤experienced television commentator

Expert Commentary Highlights

  • Detailed⁣ Swing Analysis: Experts⁢ will scrutinize the players’ swings,⁣ identifying key technical aspects and discussing⁤ the​ strengths and ‍weaknesses they observe.
  • Course Management Insights: Analysts will provide essential insights into the course layout, highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by the players as they navigate ⁤each hole.
  • Player Profiles: Experts will delve into‍ the personal stories and backgrounds⁣ of some ⁢of the featured players, giving viewers a ⁢better understanding of their⁢ motivations and aspirations.

Expert Expertise
Mark Rolfing Broadcasting, tournament analysis
Geoff Ogilvy Playing experience, tournament strategy
Arron Oberholser Caddie perspective, player interaction
Frank Nobilo Commentary, ⁢competition insights

To ensure an​ unforgettable‌ viewing experience,⁣ we ⁢recommend the following platforms for optimal access to the ⁣RBC ‌Heritage Friday coverage:

  • Streaming ‍Services:

    • ESPN+ (Subscription‌ Required)

  • Cable ‌Providers:

    • ESPN2
    • Golf⁢ Channel
    • CBS⁢ Sports Network

Supported​ Devices:

Device Platforms
Smartphones and Tablets ESPN+, Golf ‍Channel App
Smart TVs ESPN+, Golf Channel‍ App, CBS Sports Network App
Streaming ⁤Sticks and Devices ESPN+, Golf Channel App, CBS Sports ‌Network App
Cable Boxes ESPN2, Golf Channel,⁣ CBS Sports Network
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