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The most important skill in putting is green reading – properly assessing and anticipating how the golf ball is going to roll and change direction once you set it in motion. Reading greens is part analytical and part creative, and in the long history of the game, no player has done it better than Titleist staff member Brad Faxon. Start following Brad’s process for reading greens and bring your putting game to the next level.

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00:00 – Introduction – Reading the putt before you reach the green
00:48 – Aerial animation showing the varied direction of breaks in this green
01:10 – Accounting for grain
01:25 – Gathering information from behind the ball
01:54 – Evaluating break from low side of the putt
02:15 – Confirming initial read from opposite side of the hole
02:50 – Identifying an intermediate target on green surface
03:12 – Instinct and visualization
03:50 – Lining up the golf ball
04:04 – Brad’s routine
04:45 – Hitting the putt
05:05 – Summary

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