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Sometimes you’ll find a ball at rest on the line. In this video, I share when the Rules of Golf consider a ball to be in the Penalty Area. See below for what to do when there is no painted line!

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A ball is in the penalty area when any part of the ball:
— Lies on or touches the ground or anything else (such as any natural or artificial object) inside the edge of the penalty area, or
— Is above the edge or any part of the penalty area.

If there are NO penalty area lines and ONLY stakes, the same defining features apply with the stakes. Draw a straight line at ground level between stakes on the outer, course-side edge of the stake . If any part of your ball is on the penalty area side, the ball is in the penalty area. Golf rules explained.

The edge of the penalty area should be defined by stakes, lines, or physical features:
STAKES: When defined by stakes, the edge of the penalty area is defined by the line between the outside points of the stakes at ground level, and the stakes are inside the penalty area.
LINES: When defined by a painted line on the ground, the edge of the penalty area is the outside edge of the line, and the line itself is in the penalty area.
PHYSICAL FEATURES: When defined by physical features (such as a beach or desert area or a retaining wall), the Committee should say how the edge of the penalty area is defined.

👀 NOTE: The ball is considered in the Penalty Area when any part of the ball touches the painted line. I used the verbiage “when any part of the ball is on the penalty area side” because that captures scenarios when the ball is suspended in the air (i.e. in a bush) and it’s therefore impractical to determine if it’s touching the line or not. #shorts


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