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9 surprising players who missed the cut at Chevron Championship 

9 surprising players who missed the cut at Chevron Championship 

1. High Profile Absentees: Missed Cuts‍ in Women’s Majors

Amongst the most notable names to miss the cut at this ‍year’s Chevron Championship were several major champions‍ and former world number ones.

Perhaps the most surprising absentee was ⁣ Nelly‌ Korda, the reigning Olympic champion and former ⁤world⁣ number one.‌ Korda ⁤has been struggling ⁣with injuries for much of⁢ the past year, and⁣ she withdrew from the event after ⁤just one round.⁣ Two-time major champion⁢ Inbee Park also missed the ⁣cut, as did former world number ‍one Lydia Ko and ‍2023 Honda LPGA⁤ Thailand ⁣winner ​Atthaya Thitikul.

Cut‍ at the Chevron‌ Championship
1. Nelly Korda
2. Inbee Park
3. Lydia Ko
4. Atthaya Thitikul

2. Analyzing the‍ Shocking Exits at Chevron Championship

2. Analyzing the Shocking Exits at Chevron ​Championship

**Nine Shocking Cuts**

The field of 156 at Chevron⁤ Championship was whittled down to just 77 after ‌the second round, and several notable players​ failed to make the cut. ⁤Here are⁢ nine ​of the ​most surprising players who missed the cut:

  • Lexi Thompson: The 2014 winner of this event, Thompson​ shot​ rounds of 73-74 to‌ miss the cut by one stroke.
  • Brooke Henderson: The defending champion, Henderson shot rounds of 72-73 to miss⁢ the cut by one stroke.
  • Inbee⁢ Park: ⁢The seven-time ⁤major ⁣champion, Park shot rounds of 74-72 to ‍miss the cut by two strokes.
  • So Yeon Ryu: The two-time major champion, Ryu shot rounds of 73-74 to ⁢miss the cut by one stroke.
  • Minjee Lee: The world No. ‌1, Lee ​shot⁤ rounds of 74-72 to miss the cut by two ​strokes.
  • Nelly Korda: The world No. 2, Korda shot rounds​ of 76-69 to miss the ‍cut‍ by one stroke.
  • Danielle Kang: The ‌two-time major champion,⁤ Kang shot rounds of 74-74 to⁣ miss ‌the cut by one stroke.
  • Madelene Sagstrom: The 2020 U.S. Women’s Open champion,‍ Sagstrom shot rounds of 74-74 to ⁤miss⁢ the cut by⁤ one⁤ stroke.
  • Jin Young Ko: The two-time major champion, Ko shot rounds ‍of 74-74 to ​miss the cut by⁤ one ⁣stroke.

Table: Shocking⁢ Exits at the Chevron Championship

Player Ranking Rounds Score
Lexi ‍Thompson 4 73-74 +3
Brooke​ Henderson 7 72-73 +3
Inbee Park 8 74-72 +4
So Yeon ‌Ryu 11 73-74 +3
Minjee Lee 1 74-72 +4
Nelly Korda 2 76-69 +5
Danielle Kang 5 74-74 +3
Madelene Sagstrom 19 74-74 +3
Jin Young‍ Ko 3 74-74 +3

The Chevron​ Championship saw several unexpected omissions in the⁣ cut line, highlighting the fine margins⁢ between⁤ success‌ and disappointment. Here, we evaluate the performances of ‌three notable players who narrowly ⁣missed the weekend⁢ action.

Celine Boutier (Missed⁢ by⁤ one stroke)

Boutier, the​ reigning AIG Women’s Open champion, looked set to⁢ make the ⁣cut after a promising opening round of 68. However, a disappointing 75 on Friday proved ‌costly. She hit only 10 greens‍ in regulation and made three bogeys in her final five holes.

Anna​ Nordqvist (Missed by two strokes)

Nordqvist, a former major winner, also‍ stumbled on the second day at⁤ Rancho Mirage. After carding‍ a solid 70 in the first round, she​ struggled with⁤ her irons and ⁣found ‌herself in trouble around the ⁢greens. A costly double-bogey ‍on​ the par-3 ⁣17th ended her hopes ⁣of making​ the weekend.

Charley Hull⁤ (Missed by three strokes)

Hull, known for her aggressive‌ style of play, came within touching distance of‍ making the cut.⁣ She made a strong ‍start with a 69 but let her challenge slip away with ⁤a frustrating 74 on Friday. Hull hit several wayward tee ⁢shots and⁣ failed to capitalize on ‌her approach shots.
4. Revelations and ⁢Lessons ‌from the Chevron Championship Cut

4. Revelations and Lessons⁣ from the Chevron Championship Cut

The ⁤field was stacked⁢ at the Chevron Championship, ‌but⁣ some ⁢of the biggest names in women’s golf failed to make the cut. Here are nine‍ surprising players who ⁣missed the⁢ cut at Mission Hills ⁣Country Club:

  • Nelly Korda: The‍ world No. 1 ‍and defending champion missed ‍the cut by one ​stroke ⁣after shooting⁢ rounds⁤ of 73 ⁤and 74.

  • Lydia Ko: The two-time major ⁢champion also missed the cut by​ one stroke after‌ carding rounds ‍of 74 and 73.

  • Brooke Henderson: The Canadian star missed⁣ the⁤ cut for⁤ the first time in her Chevron Championship career after shooting rounds of 74 and 73.

Others who failed to ​make the cut include:**

  • Lexi Thompson: The 2014 Chevron Championship winner⁢ missed ​the ‌cut by two strokes​ after shooting rounds of‌ 73 and ⁤76.

  • Inbee Park: The seven-time‍ major champion missed ​the⁣ cut⁤ by three strokes after shooting‍ rounds of ​75 and 74.

At the end of day two in Rancho Mirage, Calif.,‍ more than 20 of ⁤the top 25 players in the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings failed to make the cut, marking one of the most ⁢difficult ‌cuts⁢ in recent⁤ memory.

Player Current World ⁢No. Strokes Over Par
Nelly Korda 1 +1
Lydia Ko 3 +1
Brooke Henderson 6 +1
Lexi Thompson 7 +2
Inbee Park 9 +3
Danielle Kang 14 +3
Minjee Lee 16 +4

Of‍ course, the cut is designed to separate⁤ the‌ best players from‍ the rest of the ⁤field, and there are always going⁤ to be some surprises.‌ But this year’s Chevron Championship cut was particularly surprising, given the number of big⁤ names who missed it.

In conclusion, the ⁤2023 Chevron Championship missed‌ the⁤ presence of several notable players who failed to ⁢make ​the cut. From⁤ major champions to rising stars, these nine ⁢golfers had high expectations coming into the tournament but ultimately fell⁢ short. Their absence serves as a reminder of⁤ the unpredictable nature of the game and the highly ​competitive field ‍that the LPGA Tour presents ⁢each week.

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