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How to keep your temper on the golf course by Tommy Bolt. Tommy rides, nothing matches in magnitude the pure joy of a 40-footer that drops, except the all-out agony of the two-footer; it doesn’t. The secret sauce of any good putt is smoothness. A smooth, unhurried stroke comes from a smooth, unhurried mind, and a smooth, unhurried mind comes from confidence. That race is the all-important question that many of us have been asking for years: how do we build more confidence on the green? According to Tommy, it’s all about love and skill.

Let’s start with love. Billy Casper, driven by Jack Nicklaus and outworked by Gary Player, from 1964 through 1970, he won 27 times more than either Jack Nicklaus or Gary Player. The foundation of his success was putting; he was so good that Ben Hogan once asked him for advice. PGA champ Dave Moore said, “Billy could drive a stick through your heart with that putter.” So, how did he approach putting? Tommy writes, “Billy doesn’t fool around with most of the other shots. He takes a brief look at the lie, direction, and whacks. He just wants to get to the green. Billy saved most of his mental energy for putting. His attitude was, ‘Let’s get to the green. I love walking onto the green, standing on the green, putting on the green. The green is my home.'”

But love without skill won’t get you very far in this game. Tommy says, “Bad scores are the cause of most of your unhappiness. They build up faster on the greens than any other place.” So, to help develop our skills, Tommy and Billy share two practice tips.

Tip number one: Treat the face of the putter in the back of your left hand as one piece – same angle, same tilt, same direction. This will create a kind of mind-body meld with your putter.

Tip number two: Practice your short chips, focusing on making the ball roll end over end. According to Billy, this drill improves your putting stroke almost immediately. It’s doubly smart because you’re working on your putting without working on your putting. Chipping and putting cause your chip; sure your pot. Work on your chipping.#golfing
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