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Titleist staff member Brad Faxon poses a simple putting riddle to all the players he coaches. Picture two golf balls on a green. One ball is ten feet, downhill from the hole. The other is ten feet, uphill from the hole. If you hit both putts at the same time, which ball will get to the cup first? Answer before you watch the video and then find out how this information will help improve your putting significantly.

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00:00 – Introduction: Two 10-foot putts
00:30 – Test Question – Which ball gets to the hole first?
00:48 – The answer
01:02 – PGA Tour proficiency on uphill vs. downhill putts
01:10 – Difference in amount of break, uphill vs. downhill
01:37 – Clock face comparison of putting breaks
01:50 – Additional variables exaggerated on downhill putts
02:11 – Summary

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