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Reading greens can be a very difficult skill to master. Greens surfaces are imperfect and are purposely designed with subtle humps and slopes to make the job of putting more challenging. To take some of the mystery out of green reading, it can help to establish a reference point to gain a general sense of the pitch of the green. As Titleist staff member Brad Faxon explains, finding the straight putt on any green is step one. With this information, it then becomes much easier to determine how any putt will roll and break.

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00:00 – Introduction: Straight, 10-foot uphill putt
00:22 – Clock face animation of green slope
00:39 – Fall line
00:43 – Break from 5 o’clock vs. 7 o’clock
01:08 – Knowing straight will help you judge breaking putts
01:28 – Confirming straight by rolling the putt

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