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1. The sweet spot, a tiny area on the club, is where we make pure contact with the ball, resulting in a satisfying whack.

2. Even before the ball is in the air, we can sense if it’s been beautifully struck. Manufacturers continually increase the sweet spot, yet we often struggle to make perfect contact.

3. Dr. Chopra emphasizes that finding the sweet spot isn’t just about the club; it’s about discovering a sweet spot within yourself.

4. This internal sweet spot is described as a calm, unattached, and peaceful place that knows what to do. Mindfulness brings you into your own sweet spot before considering external factors.

5. To illustrate this concept, Dr. Chopra shares the story of his pre-shot routine, starting with considering shot conditions and choosing the shot.

6. As he sets up, Dr. Chopra imagines a line connecting his heart to the ball, focusing his concentration.

7. Taking a few deep breaths to relax his body, he places his tongue against the roof of his mouth to stop internal dialogue.

8. With a soft, easy, and natural swing, his routine begins with mindfulness, guided by the shot decision he made.

9. Calm, unattached, and at peace, Dr. Chopra visualizes a line from his heart to the ball, trusting his body to bring the club’s sweet spot to the identified point.

10. How can mindfulness help find the internal sweet spot? Dr. Chopra recommends three quick steps.

11. The first step is to stop random thoughts running through your mind.

12. Dr. Chopra achieves this by pressing his tongue to the roof of his mouth. Visualization or affirmation can also calm emotions.

13. The second step involves using breathing techniques, drawing on memories of past great shots.

14. The third step is turning your loving attention to the ball, imagining a line connecting your heart to it.

15. Drawing wisdom from mindfulness guru John Cabot Zinn, the quote “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” resonates with the lesson.

16. In today’s lesson, Dr. Chopra’s pre-shot routine serves as a great example of customizing your process for optimal performance. #golf , #golfing,#golfswing,#golflessons,#golfpractice, #golftoy, #golflife🚗🚗🚗 Please subscribe: 🚗🚗🚗

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