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w34G3xZU Kk – Ever play golf with a golfer with a higher or lower golf handicap? How do you know who actually won the round of golf? And what’s the difference between stroke play and match play

A golf handicap is a funny thing. It is formulated using the best five rounds out of your last ten rounds of golf that you have played. It is used as a way to show you your potential as a golfer, i.e. how good a golfer you can be if you played well, consistently— which is not an easy task. Every day on the golf course is a new experience. Some days you play well, some days you do not. But your handicap reflects your potential.

Even though you play against better golfers with lower handicaps, you can still win.

This short video explains how to mark your golf score card using your own handicap and the course handicaps displayed on the golf course score card, how to give and take strokes and finally how to determine who has actually won the round!

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