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Lululemon’s latest golf collection just dropped. Shop our 8 favorite pieces

Lululemon’s latest golf collection just dropped. Shop our 8 favorite pieces

Lululemon has just⁢ unveiled its latest collection specifically designed for golf enthusiasts,⁤ bringing athleisure to the fairway. This ⁢new line features‌ a range ⁣of pieces that combine style and functionality, allowing golfers to perform at their​ best while looking⁣ good. This collection⁤ boasts everything from form-fitting polos‌ to breathable⁢ shorts, ensuring that golfers stay.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or a weekend warrior, this collection has​ something to offer. The pieces‌ are ⁣tailored to​ provide comfort and freedom of movement during the ⁣game. Take the “Metal ⁢Vent Tech Polo,” for example. Its lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric ‍keeps players cool ⁤and dry at ⁤all times. Other ⁣highlights of‌ the⁢ collection​ include the “Pace Breaker​ Short” with⁢ its 9-inch inseam and water-repellent finish, making ‍it the perfect choice for battling unpredictable weather conditions.

In addition to its performance-enhancing ‍features, the collection also showcases Lululemon’s commitment to⁣ sustainability. The pieces are made from​ recycled materials, and the packaging is biodegradable. This attention to environmental responsibility further elevates the⁢ appeal of this ⁢already impressive ‌collection.

– Technical Performance ‍Meets Style: Key‌ Features ⁤of the Collection

- Technical Performance Meets Style: Key Features of the Collection
Motion-Minded Materials

Lululemon’s golf ⁢collection prioritizes freedom⁤ of movement with its innovative fabrics. ⁢

  • Lightweight and breathable: Fabrics like Silverescent™ ‍and Luxtreme™ wick away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable on the green.
  • Four-way stretch: The⁤ garments move with you, allowing for a full range of ⁣motion during your‍ swing.
  • Anti-stink technology:​ Silverescent™ ⁣fibers inhibit ⁢the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring⁣ freshness throughout your round.

Functional Design Details

Beyond performance, ⁢the collection boasts⁢ thoughtful design elements that enhance your ⁢golfing experience.

  • Strategically placed pockets:⁣ Pockets are conveniently located for easy⁤ access to essentials like scorecards, tees, and balls.
  • Moisture-wicking headband: The headband keeps sweat at bay, ensuring ‌optimal focus during your game.
  • UPF ⁤protection: Select pieces ‍offer UPF 50+⁤ protection, ‍shielding you from the sun’s ⁢harmful rays.

Fashion-Forward Style

While technical performance is paramount, the collection also delivers⁣ on style.

  • Bold colors⁤ and prints: ‍Eye-catching‌ hues and patterns elevate⁢ your‍ golf wardrobe, adding a touch​ of flair ​to the course.
  • Modern ⁣silhouettes: Clean lines and contemporary cuts create a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Versatile pieces: Many⁤ pieces⁤ transition effortlessly from the golf course to casual ‌wear, providing maximum value⁤ for your⁣ investment.

-⁢ Top Picks: ⁣Our 8 Favorite Pieces for​ Elevated Golfing

-​ Top Picks: Our 8 Favorite Pieces for Elevated Golfing
**Timeless Classics**

Highlight your swing in the Swiftly ‌Tech Short Sleeve Polo. Its lightweight and breathable fabric, combined with its flattering silhouette, ⁣will keep you comfortable ⁤and stylish throughout your round. For a classic touch, pair it⁣ with the Surge Joggers, crafted from stretchy ⁢and moisture-wicking fabric to ensure maximum‍ mobility ⁤and freshness.

Performance Enhancers

Elevate your game ⁢with the Metal Vent Tech Polo. This polo ⁣features unique metal fibers woven into the fabric,‍ offering unparalleled⁢ breathability and temperature regulation. Its anti-odor technology will keep you ‍feeling fresh even on ‍the warmest days. Team it with the Abc Joggers, designed ‌with strategically ⁢placed seams for optimal movement and reduced friction.

Functional Fashion

Combine ⁢style and utility with the Abc Short Sleeve Golf ⁤Polo.⁣ Its ⁣lightweight and stretchy fabric, along with its⁤ modern aesthetic, will turn heads ‍both on‌ and‍ off the green. Complete your‍ ensemble with the Bowline Pant. These pants feature an adjustable waistband and a sleek, tapered design, ensuring a comfortable and ⁣polished look from tee to green.

– Elevate Your Golf ⁢Wardrobe: Shop ⁣the Collection Now for a Stylish Upgrade

- Elevate Your Golf Wardrobe: Shop the ⁣Collection Now for a Stylish Upgrade
Elevate‍ Your‌ Golf Wardrobe: Shop​ the Collection Now ⁣for ‌a Stylish Upgrade

Lululemon has ‍just dropped its latest golf⁣ collection,​ and it’s packed with stylish pieces that⁢ will make you the ⁢envy of‌ the golf ⁢course. From⁢ flowy‍ skirts to sleek polos, this collection has everything you need to look⁣ and feel your ‍best on the links.

Here are just a few ​of the must-have ⁢pieces from ‍the collection:

  • The Pace Rival ⁢Skirt: This skirt is perfect for warm weather rounds, with its lightweight, breathable fabric and flattering A-line silhouette.

  • The Swiftly Tech ‌Polo: This polo is made with a⁤ stretchy, ⁢moisture-wicking fabric that will keep ‌you cool ⁤and comfortable during your round.

  • The ABC⁤ Pant: These pants are ‌designed ‍for ⁤comfort and mobility, with a relaxed fit and ⁣stretchy fabric ‌that allows you to⁣ move freely.

In addition to these⁤ standout pieces, the collection also includes a variety of other stylish‌ options, such⁢ as shorts, jackets, and accessories. Shop⁣ the collection now for⁤ a stylish upgrade to ⁤your golf ⁣wardrobe.

Item Description Price
Pace Rival ⁣Skirt Flowy,‍ breathable skirt with a flattering A-line silhouette $68
Swiftly Tech Polo Stretchy, moisture-wicking polo that will ⁢keep you cool and comfortable $78
ABC Pant Relaxed-fit pants with stretchy fabric that⁣ allow you⁣ to move freely $128
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