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This swing repeats like a machine because that’s what I am. I’m a machine. I hit drives 270 yards on a rope within a 20 yard wide grid. And the closer i get to the pin that margin left and right shrinks even smaller. By the time I get within 125 yards the proximity to the hole left or right of the pin itself is feet not yards. The swing it just produces one shot over and over and that is dead straight. This is a pure golf swing the ball just happens to be in the way. —– As you watch I’m just jacking around with ball position with my driver. About 1/2 way in 4 balls with a 6 iron. Real time and slow motion to see the rhythm. Watch closely — I turn my shoulders and my wrists, which hold the club are in the center of my chest at address. I turn my shoulders and my hands NEVER leave the center of my chest through-out the swing. My Rhythm and speed are dictated by being able to keep my hands in the center of my chest. The club face is square wider than my feet and swinging upright, my club face is on my target line longer than anyone’s swing that is flatter. Just pure physics. You want to hit straighter shots. that’s simple folks, STAND TALL AND STAY TALL.. As Much As Possible and get the ball as close to you as possible. This is not Rocket Science but you do have to pay attention to what you are not doing right more than what you think your are doing right. Ron White would say, “That’s a really good piece of information to have right there.”

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